Engineer's Guide

Issues & Countermeasures

Phenomenon Cause Countermeasures
Wear to the inside of the chain’s link plate or sprocket teeth Sprocket Alignment Failure Remove the chain and modify the mounting of the sprocket
Chain is pressed laterally

Use the guide roller and shoe to remove the cause of the press

Vibration of sprocket Replace with new sprocket
Roller Rotation Failure Excessive load on roller Lubricate between the bush and roller. Selection of proper specifications (GT bearing, roller etc.)
Intrusion of transferred material between the bush and roller Periodic removal, attach bulkhead to protect the chain. Select wider specifications for bush-roller space
Accumulation of transferred material or foreign substance on rail periodic removal and attachment of bulkhead to protect chain
Bush-roller lubricant sticks to the rail or roller surface Use proper lubrication and adjust lubricating method accordingly
Rust accumulation on bush or roller Select proper specifications
Failure to Bend Rust Attach bulkhead to protect chain, select proper specifications
Intrusion of transferred material or foreign substance between pin and bush Attach bulkhead to protect chain, select larger specifications for pin-bush connection
Chain Wrapping at Sprocket Excessive Chain Sag Reduce slack in chain or insert tightener
Sprocket Wear Replace with new chain
Chain curls, or fails to move smoothly over the sprocket Chain and sprocket aren’t compatible Replace either chain or sprocket
Excessive overload Reduce the load (fit with shock absorbers etc.)
Chain is excessively worn Replace with new chain
Occurrence of Chain “stick slip” Surge Speed is too slow Adjust to higher speed
  • Improve frame stiffness or choose a higher grade of chain
  • Select drive rollers with anti-surging specifications
Wear to the sprocket teeth roots Insufficient sprocket teeth Increase the number of teeth
Others Replace damaged sprockets
Wear to the inside of the block chain’s hole or one side of the pin Excessive internal tension Lubricate both sides of the chain and sprocket
Noise Insufficient lubrication between bush and roller
  • Lubricate sufficiently
  • Use bearing rollers and/or plastic rollers
Insufficient lubrication between pin and bush Properly lubricate target area
Collision between roller and sprocket Lubricate sprocket and use plastic rollers

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