Product Introduction

Standard Conveyor Chain Classification

Our chains are used in various environments and industries and are custom-made to suit a wide range of equipment and working conditions. We can design and manufacture chains to match any specifications that our clients need. Standard conveyor chains classification is done by dividing by which types of rollers or attachments can be used.

Classification by Roller Format

Type Photo Description
S,M Type
  • The roller diameter is less than the width of the link plate.
  • Typically used in bucket elevators for the purpose of protecting sprocket teeth and bushes.
R Type
  • Diameter of the roller is greater than the plate width.
  • Most commonly used type of conveyor chain.
  • Usually used in small, medium-sized horizontal or inclined conveyors.
F Type
  • Used with R type rollers and attaches a flange to guide the chain down the rail
  • Mainly used with a large-sized inclined or horizontal conveyor.
  • Bush plays the role of the roller.
  • Like with trolley conveyors, the sole role of the chain is for load tension transference , according to weight To carry by attaching a separate roller It is mainly used in the design of conveyor
Bearing roller type When the bearing is mounted to R or F type chains, rotational friction is lessened thereby reducing the loss in drive power. Therefore, the maximum allowable load is increased when compared with standard rollers.

Attachment Classification

Optimal selection of conveyor chain attachments should be made in consideration of situational factors such as work conditions and intended use.

In addition, as our base type models can be modified to suit particular specifications, please don’t hesitate to contact us with any inquiries. (031-984-4435)

Type Photo Description
A Type
  • These attachments have bent link plates attachable to only one side of the chain.
  • Each of the bolt holes is numbered A1, A2, and A3, respectively.
K Type
  • Wings (for attachments) are attached to both sides of the chain
  • K1 type attachments consist of two wholes (single-sided), while K2 attachments have 2 holes (double-sided, as see in the picture to the left).
SA, SK Type Attachments are designed perpendicularly to match the conditions of conveyance.
G Type
  • Formed to either have bolt holes (for attachments) on one side or both sides of the link plate.
  • Bolt holes are drilled to form G2 and G4 holes, respectively. G type attachments consist of two types; those with two bolt holes are G2, while those with 4 holes are G4.
Welded Type Attachments are welded at an angle to the main chain body.

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